Filming a Maserati Breakfast Run

A Maserati is a fast, luxury car and, on a recent film shoot, the Aerialshots team got as close to one as we are ever going to get.

We were shooting the Maserati Breakfast Run which comprised of meeting at the Maserati showroom in Johannesburg, taking the Maseratis out for a spin in the direction of Hartbeespoort Dam, and stopping at a venue for brunch.

We have shot many car showroom floors before, but never one as stately as this.  The cars were displayed in a way that made them seem more art pieces than vehicles.  Even the photos of the cars and the merchandise displayed made it seem like we were walking through a gallery.

In drove the guests in their Maseratis: some as new as those on the showroom floor and others that were true classics.  Heads turned every time the roar of the engine indicated the arrival of another guest.  But our Phantom drone produces its own roar and we loved how fascinated these Maserati-owners were by our equipment.  Yes, our drone turned heads, too!

When we have previously filmed cars driving, one of us sat on the back of a bakkie with the Osmo camera, while the other drove at about 20km/h on a quiet suburb road.  With the car-of-the-moment driving behind us, we safely got the road shots we needed.  But the Maseratis weren’t going to go slow for us.  After all, fast cars are for fast driving.

We had to experiment: we attached a suction device to the back windscreen to hold the camera, which we could control from inside the car via an iPad.  And all we could do is hope that it held and we didn’t lose are camera somewhere along the road.

While the photographer got to go along in a convertible Maserati to get those droving shots, we were stuck in our very normal car. (Yes, we were jealous!)  And not only did we have to keep up with Maseratis, but we had to be in front of them!  Let’s just say we hauled out some impressive driving manoeuvres that left us exhausted!  But once we hit the open road, there was no way we could keep up.

We caught up with the Maseratis at the venue.  And what a sight it was to see Maseratis of all generations lined up, with a beautiful view of Hartbeespoort as the backdrop.

We were treated to brunch before we headed back to Johannesburg; exhausted, but thrilled with the closest we will ever get to a road trip in a Maserati.

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