As a full-service video production company, AerialShots can offer you the full range of services required to meet your videography and photography needs. Or we can provide you with any individual service, even teaming up with existing suppliers who need our expertise. Whatever the requirement, we will tailor-make your package to suit your requirements and your budget.



Using aerial platforms creates a whole new perspective and a dramatic view point, achieving shots you couldn’t have imagined a few years ago.



Steady cams, cranes/jibs, helicopters we use them all. With the latest camera technology that allows for full control, these platforms are must have to ensure that perfect shot.


Live Streaming

Get a view of your event while it is taking place.  Our systems are able to live stream 720p HD video from up to 500m away from the event itself, ensuring safe operational distances.


Full Production Services

We have years of experience in making videos, whether it be marketing, training, promotional, viral, induction, advertising or corporate.


Post Production and Video Editing

If you don’t have someone to edit your footage into a presentation, let us take care of that for you.  With our creativity and attention to detail, we will give you a professional and beautiful end product.



An aerial shot is more dramatic.  It captures a larger area showing size, scale and context.  These aspects make the shot powerful – something required for your marketing material to stand out.  Whether it be real estate, events, advertising, music videos or documentation – the artistic nature of aerial photos and videos make an impression on the viewer.

Drones are also utilised largely in the industrial field. By taking high resolution photos and videos, drones capture the necessary detail for analysis off-site.  This allows you to detect and investigate problems, whether it be checking moisture in crops to stockpile calculations. They can also create orthomosaic maps, elevation maps and 3D models of sites. Inspections of buildings, roofs, bridges and roads that can be very time consuming and dangerous, can now be done far quicker and safer by a drone.

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