Taking a photo of a roof isnt the prettiest picture around.  But it is extremely practical.

Having aerial, high-resolution photos of a roof, taken directly from above, has many advantages to those needing to inspect that roof.

  1. It is safer

Traditionally, a roof is inspected by a person.  Depending on the height, gradient and structure of the roof, this could be a dangerous business.  Ensuring that a person can ascend and descend the roof, as well as walk along it, requires good safety equipment and procedures to be in place.

Aerial phots eliminate the risk to a person.  There is no danger in sending a drone into the air or bringing it down again and it doesn’t have to navigate the uneven terrain of the roof

  1. It produces faster results

Not only does organising and rigging the safety equipment take time.  But manually inspecting a roof takes time, too.  It takes ages to walk every inch of a roof and scan it for structural damage.

On average, a drone operator will spend an hour taking photos of a roof.  And with the high quality of the photos, it will reveal any structural damage that needs to be repaired.

This allows inspectors to have all the information they need faster which, in turn, allows them to arrange maintenance quicker.  All resulting in a speedy turn-around time.

Moreover, a photo of a roof can easily be sent to inspectors off-site, allowing them to make decisions without spending their time going to the location.

  1. It keeps a record

Aerial photos are shot in 4k, which means that the resolution is high.  This allows photos taken of a roof to provide the detail needed to zoom in and inspect each aspect.  But the angle from above also captures the full expanse of the roof, providing inspectors with an overview of the roof structure.  Both types of visuals are easy to keep on record and – in a series – can reveal the structural changes over time.


Aerial photos taken of a roof are a practical aspect of drone photography.  By reducing risk, speeding up the process and providing the detail needed, aerial photos provide an easier method for conducting roof inspections.

Aerialshots can provide you with the photos to meet your roof inspection requirements.  For more information visit or contact