With the growing popularity of drones across many sectors, it is no surprise that drones have wormed their way into team building activities.

People are becoming fascinated with drones.  Drone hobbyists are on the rise, but not everyone necessarily wants to own a done.  However, they still want to know how it works and what it takes to fly one.

Team building drone events utilise micro drones that fit into the palm of your hand.  These drones are durable, well-built and protected, which is needed with the amount of knocks they take when operated by those who are first learning to fly.  They also don’t have the same risk factor as the large drones that professionals and hobbyists use, as there is no danger of injury to a person should something go wrong.  Micro drones are a safe bet to start with and therefore, perfect for team building events.

With the risk factor eliminated, people can have fun while learning to fly a drone.

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Starting with an explanation of how to fly a drone, teams will begin by doing basic control exercises.  With the drone remote control being so sensitive, even something as simple as taking-off, landing and hovering can be challenging at first.

Once the group has mastered this, they move onto more difficult activities, like landing on a spot, navigating an obstacle course, and spinning or flipping the drone.  To make it competitive, prizes are awarded for the person who does it best.

The challenge of flying a drone comes in its orientation.  In a manned aircraft, such as a plane or helicopter, left is always the pilot’s left.  Whereas with a drone, everything is from the drone’s perspective, not that of the pilot.  So, if the drone is flying away from you, its right is your right.  But if it is flying towards you, then its left is your right.  The cause of most drone crashes is orientation and mastering it is a challenge.

Depending on the drones you use, there are many fun activities for team building events.  For instance, there are micro drones in cages that roll up walls. Or micro drones with sports-mode functions.

A micro drone event is a different and an on-trend group activity that allows teams to experience flying a drone in a fun and competitive environment, while remaining safe and risk-free.

An added benefit is that is shows people that flying a drone is not all that simple – that there is some skill involved.  And this will hopefully reduce the number of people who buy hobbyist drones and put them in the skies without the proper training and understanding of the laws. 

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