Jozi By Air

When you are up in the air, the city sprawls endlessly below you.  Some parts are beautifully lush and green, others are a cluster of skyrises reflecting the sun off their walls of windows.

Still others are industrial, brown or unattractive.  You can see a range of housing lifestyles – the large mansions with their gardens, the complexes and flats all closely packed together, and the low buildings and shacks of the informal settlements.

It is a site to see the city from the sky.  From up there, it reveals its ugliness and its beauty, its degradation and its advancement.

We were flying over Johannesburg for work.  As aerial photographers, we don’t always just use drones.  Sometimes, due to the proximity of the site to an airport, regulations won’t allow us to fly our quadcopters.

Chartering a helicopter is an expensive business.  Drones have become popular because of their ease of use and their cost-effectiveness.  It gives access to aerial videography and photography to many who would not otherwise have been able to utilise it.

Aerial photography from a helicopter remains exclusive.  But we have many clients who need aerial shots close to the airports or other no-fly zones.  So, we line up a few jobs like this, take to the air in a helicopter and spend a few hours flying to various locations, taking our aerial photos.

On this trip, we covered 26 sites around Johannesburg in 3 hours.

At one point, we were on one side of the airport and needed to get to the other.  Normally we would have to fly the long way around.  But our pilot managed to get special permission and we were allowed to fly across the runway – something that is never normally allowed.

AerialShots are a videographers and photographers who love to take aerial shots – whether by drone or by helicopter.  Whatever your videography and photography needs, we will ensure we have the right tools to get the job done.