In the last year, I have taken many trips throughout Africa on drone shoots. And I have had the chance to experience some amazing sites: the enormity of an avenue of baobabs, exploring a private island and seeing a coral atoll from the air.

Every time I travel, I am always happy to come home.  Not just because my family, my business and my life is here.  But because I appreciate what South Africa has to offer.

Yes, we have many reasons to be negative about our country at the moment.  And I am by no means discounting that poverty, oppression, joblessness, corruption, political uncertainty and more all exist and affect our daily lives.  I am also fully aware and experienced in the fact that running a business here has its problems and countless rolls of red tape.

I am not discounting any of it.  But my travels have made me aware of all the good things South Africa does have to offer.

The first thing I always appreciate when I return home is how state-of-the-art OR Tambo airport is.  I love driving on our six-lane highway and enjoy seeing what architectural feat has started along the way.  I appreciate the leafy green suburb I get to live in and am thankful for all the infrastructure that our sprawling cities offer us.  I am also glad for the multitude of holiday and travel options I have within our borders.

On one of my trips, it took two days to travel a distance equivalent to travelling from Johannesburg to Durban. But here, we can move around easily.  On many of my travels, we only received refreshments at tourist sites because our hosts provided it.  Here, a business would have sprouted up to meet this need.  In many counties, the only way I could navigate the culture and customs was with a guide.  Here, strangers are happy to point you in the right direction.

In South Africa, unlike in many other African countries, the good things in life are not just confined to the walls of the resorts, it is not just for the tourists to enjoy and it is not just for the overseas investors to reap the benefits of.

Yes, I acknowledge that not all South Africans get to enjoy the good things that our country has to offer.  But it gives me hope that I don’t have to look far to see individuals and businesses helping to grow our economy, rectify our inequality and make South Africa a better place to live.

Although our problems and the constant stream of negative news may make it seem like we can never win, we must not accept things as they are.  We must not become complacent with the wrongs in our country and we must strive to improve it every day, in whatever capacity we can.

South Africa is a beautiful country with beautiful people and we have many good things going for us.  Let’s not forget this fact.  Instead, let it motivate us to make our country even better.

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