There is no doubt that drones are a technology that is here to stay.  And now the uses of these Umanned Aerial Vehicles are extensive and growing far beyond the originally intention probably was for this device. These are just a few of the advantages we will experience by having drones in our skies.

The flying postman

Large e-commerce companies have already promised that they would be delivering good via drones.  Although this hasn’t moved passed the test phase yet, the technology exists and in the not-so-distant future we could see our packages being delivered from the warehouse directly to our door within an hour of placing the order.

An ambulance in the sky

Ambulance Drones are now able to carry defibrillators to cardiac arrest patients and with live streaming cameras and communication, paramedics will be able to explain to someone on the scene how to carry out this time-critical service before they are able to get there themselves.  These drones can also deliver medicine and vaccines and even retrieve samples, allowing medical help to get to reach remote areas.

A security-eye in the sky

Securing large areas, such as farms or animal reserves, often requires a lot of man power.  And even then, human eyes have limitation, especially at night.  Security Drones with thermal live-streaming cameras, allows security guards to patrol a much wider area than they would by foot or vehicle.  With the current crisis in poaching, these drones could really assist in catching perpetrators.

Wings (and eyes) for wildlife conservation

Flying at low altitudes is often necessary for tracking and observing animals, but to do that with a small plane or helicopter is difficult and dangerous.  However, drones can easily be sent to observe wildlife in their natural habitat with much less stress on the animals and the data captured will allow conservationists to gather more accurate information.

Painting a realistic picture

With drone photograph of the city centre in the background and an artist’s impression of a new or remodelled sky-rise incorporated into it, developers are now able to produce a visual that accurately shows what a building will look like and how it will look within its surroundings.  Not only is there a huge amount of marketing value in this, but it also could highlight any potential problems before development even begins.

Filming made easier

Only a few years ago, the only two ways to capture a beautiful aerial shot was to either pay a hefty price for a large cinema camera attached to a helicopter or ‘rig’ a standard camera with cables to a helicopter and shoot out the door, then spend hours in post-production to smooth the shot.  Now, beautiful cinema-value aerial shots can be caught by a cameraman standing on the ground and using a remote control to guide the drone camera.

Legislation is yet to catch up with the fast pace of drone development, meaning that many of these advancements cannot yet be used.   However, the facts remain: the technology exists and various industries are ready for it.  And one day soon, drones will be taking flight all over the world for all sorts of reasons.

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