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AerialShots is a full-service video production company that specialises in aerial photography and videography. Based in Johannesburg, we work throughout South Africa and Africa.

As licenced drone pilots with 20 years of experience in video production and editing, the AerialShots crew have both the technical knowledge for drone operation and the creativity to ensure that the end product is visually captivating. We are also able to film from helicopters on the rare occasion that drones can’t be used.

AerialShots understands that each industry and company has their own set of requirements.  This is why we offer turnkey, tailor-made packages that are cost-effective and can meet all pockets.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients a highly professional service, meeting deadlines and providing full liability insurance – giving you peace of mind throughout your interaction with us.

We create an experience

Innovating in all industries

As specialists in aerial photography and videography, AerialShots can operate in a wide range of industries:

  • Industrial
    • Used in mapping and surveying, the high-resolution of the drone photos and videos allow for accurate analysis.
  • Real Estate
    • As a tool that is able to more accurately capture size and scale than standard photography, aerial photos are fast becoming an essential aspect of marketing property.
  • Events & Entertainment
    • From an outdoor event to a music video, an aerial video will depict the grand scale of your setting.
  • Corporate & Film
    • With drone photos or videos, aerial visuals will elevate the way in which you tell you corporate story.

What we do

We work with Passion

AerialShots can provide the below services, either as a full-service video and photo production or in part and in conjunction with existing teams that require our aerial expertise.

  • Aerial photography
  • Aerial videography
  • Industrial photography
  • Ground videography
  • Post production and editing
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